About the Gangsterland Project

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Writing and producing “Gangsterland” was a labor of love. We shot the documentary-style movie in 2010 and 2011 around Saint Paul, Hastings and Hampton, Minnesota. On display are stories that are historically accurate but offered by the gangsters themselves.

The early 1930’s were a scary time in Saint Paul. Corruption became partners with a system that encouraged criminals to come to Minnesota’s capital city, as long as they followed some basic rules. As the Great Depression deepened some of the biggest names in the “business” turned up in town: Alvin Karpis, Ma Barker’s boys and John Dillinger.

Take a trip down a dark memory lane and get to know some of the characters who laid low in Minnesota. We’ve also included two documentaries in our special features. One includes interviews about the past with retired Saint Paul police officers. The other documentary is all about Barker Gang member Edna Murray “The Kissing Bandit,” featuring first-hand accounts from her granddaughter Pam Paden Tippet.

Thanks for the visit. Enjoy “Gangsterland” and while you’re at it, order up some coffee to go!